Travel Agency based in Myanmar


  • The client offers several travel-related services such as Bus, Hotels, Flights and Balloons Trips but had zero visibility on potential clients’ behavior on the app and website. This lack of information resulted in a lot of money being left on the table.
  • There was no visibility of how much revenue each funnel was generating which resulted in faulty marketing spend allocation.
  • They had no distinction on round flights or one-way flights. Because of this problem they were not able to distinguish b/w flight type revenue and identify the stars and cash cows within their growth matrix.
  • Payments were taking place on third party mobile wallets and payment systems hence, they were not able to attribute sales to their marketing campaigns. Due to lack of technical knowledge and expertise in this area they were looking to work with an experienced agency.
  • In terms of reporting, client felt that he was swimming in data due to the following five factors:
    – Data Integrity,
    – Complicated and lengthy reporting,
    – Data residing in silos,
    – Lack of visualization
    – Important KPIs got lost in the deep ocean of data.



  • To avoid losing money, our analytics engineers crafted a handmade analytics measurement and implementation plan and identified opportunities to collect accurate data by implementing event tracking for each funnel and service.
  • We built advanced user segments within Google Analytics for each service offering. This helped in uncovering marketing attribution reports.
  • To identify the stars and cash cows, we implemented our tagging methodology with each product type to uncover actionable data related to revenue per service type. This helped uncover a plethora of vital information which helped hack growth for the business.
  • We created a full proof tracking system in which payment HITS were sent directly from third party tools to our internal back-end systems. This enabled the client to match their revenues with their CRM, analytics and website back-end. At the same time,they were able to understand return on investment per marketing channel.
  • We believe reporting should be simple, accurate and highly visual. We leverage our proprietary dashboard technology to integrate various data sources such as data from Websites, Mobile Apps, CRMs, AppsFlyer, ESPs and various other data sources. This enables various data sources to talk to each other.

The KPIs were presented in a scorecard fashion with the ability to identify trends over the period of time. In a highly visual and in a playful manner. 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • AppsFlyer
  • Website
  • Mobile App ( IOS and Android)

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