Programmatic Advertising

Mobile-first DSP for Transparency & Performance

  • Fibonacci programmatic partner platform is the most advanced mobile-first programmatic solution for marketers that don’t leave performance at chance.

  • Overcome the obstacle of Black Boxes. Unlock high-quality users and get true performance by leveraging our AI capabilities.
  • Real-time Actionable Insights

    Track how your campaigns are performing in real-time and get actionable insights to make improvements.

    Access our ultra-fast access to programmatic bid-stream level data about how people are responding to your audio ads – use that analysis to optimise and improve your campaign.

    Get to the right users

    Fibonacci programmatic partner platformdata-led programmatic platform provides audience insights on the spot to optimize your campaigns focusing on getting the right users in.

    Fibonacci programmatic partner platformAI finds the best performing variables on your campaign and optimizes its bidding to gain scale while securing high ROI.

    Fibonacci programmatic partner platformhandles more than 1,000,000 bid requests queries per second, and dynamically rates and purchases ad space in less than 100 ms.

    Request Queries per Second
    1 M
    Variables for Real Time Reporting
    0 +
    Publishers Mobile First
    0 K
    Countries Global Reach
    1 +

    Data Partners +500 Global Audiences

    Ln Data Paocatiortners

    Ad Serving Creative

    Featured Exchange Partners +50 Mobile-first Partners

    Premium Publishers

    Viewability Fraud Safety


    Many More...

    Multi-channel Advertising

    Fibonacci for Lead Generation

    Smadex data-led programmatic platform provides audience insights on the spot to optimize your campaigns by focusing on getting the right users in.

  • Mobile web traffic through Premium Exchanges
  • Track up to 5 post-click events
  • Transparency of customer funnel in the platform
  • Work with CTA and VTA
  • Combine desktop and mobile web to explore what works best
  • Optimization Model


    Make people aware of the product and find the users that are interested in your product.


    Follow the user through the decision process.


    Convert leads into customers

    SFG Strategy

    Seed - Awareness - Gain incremental reach among their target audiences.

  • Market research: Deliver as many impressions as we can.
  • Collect Data from the Market .
  • Focus on the Funnel - Optimize landings.

  • Feed - Optimize CPL/CPA - Drives the correct user to the website

  • Use the data collected to impact the most interested users.
  • Retarget people who have landed on the website.
  • Focus on the Funnel - Optimize landings.

  • Grow - Retargeting - Retarget those users that have landed or did not complete the funnel.

  • Retargeting strategies to impact all users who did not complete the entire funnel.
  • Focus on the final goal.

  • Fibonacci Algorithms Why they work

    Where and how to bid. The outcome is to EFFICIENTLY get data from each publisher, by targeting a win rate or spending a certain amount of budget per publisher per day, all at the minimum CPM possible.

    Processing information from your own campaign or all Smadex campaigns, to bid the optimal price for each impression corresponding to a user in their context.

    Fibonacci Algorithms

    Why they work

    To find new quality users in the dynamic app ecosystem, Fibonacci relies on its machine learning engine.

    Our algorithms process millions of data points from all campaign impressions and conversions, together with the dimensions of each bid request.

    Fibonacci makes use of historical data to find potential users, predict their behavior, and serve them the right ad to drive post-install engagement and maximize the impact for your campaigns.

    Measure Performance


  • Image tag pointing to Smadex Servers that allow us to track conversions.
  • We can use up to 5 pixels.
  • Can be placed in the website or implemented through Google Tag Manager.
  • Can take into account CTA and VTA.


  • URL that allows Smadex servers to be notified back every time an action occurs in the web site.
  • Can take into account CTA only one flow.
  • A third party tracker is needed,

  • Attribution Models

    Refers to the attribution of events that occur after a user has clicked on an Ad.

    The attribution of all events that occur after we have impacted a user with an Ad impression. We collect this information once we have delivered an impression to a user.

    Fibonacci for Re-engagement

    Fibonacci for Brand Awareness

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