Aishwarya – Leadership Team

Aishwarya Yadav,
General Manager

With 7+ years’ sales & digital marketing strategy experience, Aishwarya has prior experience working with Fortune 500 companies like IBM. 


As Portfolio Manager at HDFC Bank, one of Asia’s 50 largest banks; she helped increase yearly spends & activation on debit cards by 15% and 40% respectively through several nationwide traditional & digital advertising campaigns including popular campaigns like “Beat the Heat” and “12 Days of Christmas” campaigns. 

Aishwarya has experience in Healthcare, IT, Banking & Finance, Consulting, Non-profit Organizations, Policy Research, Ed-tech industries, and digital marketing agencies under her belt and has been a key member of the management team at various organizations. 


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Aishwarya manages digital projects for several North America-based accounts in Legal, Real Estate, Healthcare, Home Services, and Consulting domains at Fibonacci and is responsible for strategic planning, resource management, and decision-making to drive growth and profitability.